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What a time we are living in. I'm sure if anyone would have been asked, just months ago, what they thought 2020 would bring, no one would have thought we would be where we are now - dealing with something called a Corona Virus that would turn the world upside down.

It's crazy to us how trips to the super market have left us just a bit fearful of those around us. Wearing gloves and masks now seems normal, and some of us have even managed to make the look work!

Driving down Hertel Avenue, Main Street in Williamsville, the Elmwood Village, any formerly vibrant neighborhood, and seeing shops, restaurants, and taverns closed is sad and at times downright depressing.

So many emotions have come over everyone ranging from fear, sadness, and anger, to joy and hope. Yes, joy and hope! Thinking of this time as a reset, as a way of Mother Nature healing herself, as a time where we can realize what is truly important, is joyful! And it is with great hope that when we come out on the other side of this, it will be with a deeper appreciation for one another, for caregivers, for teachers, for friends and family, and for Mother Earth.

But what do we do in the meantime, besides watch Netflix and take our dog for the 12th walk of the day? Well, we and the members of BWC have been making. Because that's what makers do, and for most of us, our creative minds have gone into overdrive! Not only have we been producing, but BWC has been growing with new talented members since (temporarily) closing our doors in the Market Arcade after only having them open for one month.
We couldn't think of a better way to showcase all of our members in this new world we live in, than by hosting a live Virtual Kindness Trunkshow on Friday, May 1st, beginning at 4:00 p.m., just in time for Mother's Day shopping!

Virtual Kindness Trunkshow, as defined by BWC - A collaborative effort by the eclectic, beautiful, creative members of BWC, to showcase and sell their work to followers and fans of BWC in the privacy of their own homes via Facebook. By hosting a trunkshow, BWC hopes to show kindness to our members by supporting their businesses, while bringing opportunities to show kindness to our follower's families and friends by offering hand-made gifts that have been made with love by our members.

Lots of gift-giving ideas will be showcased in a fun and interactive atmosphere, with little surprises along the way. Of course, self-indulgences are highly encouraged as well ;)

We are all new to this! So as we coordinate, plan, and create, we will keep everyone posted via blogs and Instagram and Facebook posts. So keep following us!

As always, we welcome questions, comments, and any type of shoutout!

Hope. We all have it in us. We will all be spectacular.

Holly and Jen
<![CDATA[White Glove Service]]>Fri, 20 Mar 2020 15:01:35 GMThttp://buffalowomensconsortium.org/blog/white-glove-serviceWe were so sad to have to close up our Member Showroom and Gallery due to the Coronavirus and necessary social distancing. But when we are given lemons, we look for ways to make lemonade!

We are excited to introduce BWC's White Glove Service!
Through White Glove Service we will work with you one-on-one via Facebook messenger, or via phone,  yes, we want to talk to you :), and help you send loved ones, or yourself, a thoughtful hand-made gift made by local female artisans. We also will be offering free White Glove delivery to locations around Western New York, wearing our white gloves to keep Coronavirus at bay. We will also wipe down each item before packaging. We will make arrangements with you to leave items in a location you feel comfortable with so as to maintain a safe distance at all times - perhaps on a porch, in a mailbox, between doors, etc.

Our hope is to add some joy by delivering packages around Western New York!

We have so many options; a gift of wellness, a fashion pack, artwork, or whimsy. We will make virtual shopping fun, and most importantly support local artists who need us now more than ever!
So much more than what is pictured here! Check out our website for more ideas. We are working feverishly to get e-commerce up on our site, but honestly would love to talk to you personally to help you choose a birthday gift or pick-me-up gift for someone you love!

How about some of the best smelling, yet effective hand sanitizer that won't dry out your skin, at a fair price?

So give us a call, we are here for you with White Glove Service! Holly can be reached at (716) 430-1598 and Jen can be reached at (716) 698-4566. 

We will get through this, and will come out better and stronger as a community if we support one another. Peace and wellness to all.

​Holly and Jen
<![CDATA[Dawn DiGesare - daVoria Jewelry]]>Wed, 04 Mar 2020 21:07:47 GMThttp://buffalowomensconsortium.org/blog/dawn-digesare-davoria-jewelryMeet Dawn DiGesare, creator behind daVoria Jewelry and one of the first members of BWC. We were thrilled to have her as one of our vendors at our Holiday Pop-Up Bazaar this past December and proud to carry her jewelry in our Member Showroom and Gallery!
Dawn is a hairdresser by trade at Teez Salon, but when her mom died in 2006 she needed to find a creative outlet to help her deal with her loss. She was inspired by rosaries and mala beads, and under the tutelage of one of her Teez clients, began creating her own jewelry and selling it at the salon. During those beginning years she felt the healing power of the gemstones and realized the power held within.

As a child, Dawn had been abused, as she entered adult hood and flashbacks began happening she started her journey of self-knowing and spirituality. She recognized that her jewelry-making could not only help her through her mom's passing, but her childhood trauma as well. She began to realize that perhaps others could find some strength, clarity, and healing as well.

Dawn turned her direction toward inspirational words and found the perfect vehicle to bring her vision to life. She uses a metal clay, made from a combination of metal particles mixed with an organic binder that allows her to manipulate her pieces by molding, sculpting, and stamping. After firing, the binder burns away and the silver metal is what remains.
Her passion was fully realized when she was experimenting with a new stamp making machine. Her husband, Dennis, suggested that she make a stamp of her mom's signature that was on an old greeting card. She stamped it onto her clay mixture to form a tag that was slipped onto a chain. She took the necklace to a holiday party and the piece resonated with so many people who wanted to savor a slice of a lost loved one - daVoria Signature Tags were born.
 We adore Dawn and her work and are honored that she created a line exclusively carried at the BWC Showroom and Gallery at the Market Arcade! Coming soon is Dawn's newest creation, her Inverted Triangle, representing three aspects of the Goddess, the feminine side of things. It is passive and ruled by the lunar phases. It is strength. It is faith. Pre-orders can be taken in our store before they hit the shelves!
You can pick up one of Dawn's inspirational works either at our Showroom and Gallery or during our Spring Solstice Vendor Fair on March 27th, where Dawn will be one of our vendors. We hope you stop down soon!
<![CDATA[February 26th, 2020]]>Wed, 26 Feb 2020 22:15:13 GMThttp://buffalowomensconsortium.org/blog/february-26th-2020We are constantly amazed, on a daily basis, by the incredible talent of our members.

Beginning in March we will feature one artist at a time, telling their stories and sharing their passions.

In the meantime, mark your calendar for March 27th and join us in the Market Arcade Atrium for our Spring Solstice Vendor Fair where we will showcase 30 vendors!

We were blown away by the support we received during our Holiday Pop-Up Bazaar and we can't wait to share with you all the great surprises we have in store!
<![CDATA[We Just Keep Saying Yes]]>Mon, 20 Jan 2020 20:24:31 GMThttp://buffalowomensconsortium.org/blog/we-just-keep-saying-yesHello, and welcome! We are new to blogging, but eager to share with you what we are looking to do at our Member Showroom and Gallery in the Market Arcade Building.

You may have read that Jen and I met and immediately bonded over our obsession with turning unwanted furniture into functional pieces of art. We talked endlessly about the need for makers like us to have a network of like-minded souls to work and collaborate with. When we were tired of all the talking we just decided to build that network ourselves and thus the Buffalo Women's Consortium was born.

When asked if we wanted to participate in an outdoor festival, we said yes. 
When asked if we wanted to have a pop-up holiday bazaar, we said yes.
When asked if we wanted to participate in the Queen City Pop-Up, we said yes.
When asked if we wanted to lease a permanent location in the iconic Market Arcade Building, we said yes.

We keep saying yes as each door opens because we know that when we begin to say no future doors may be closed.

So here we are, about to open our first store, our Member Showroom and Gallery, where we plan to support and grow our community of members, comprised of incredibly talented female artists, artisans, and healers.

It is through this blog site that we will share their stories and give you a chance to meet our makers, sharing how they were inspired to turn their passion into their purpose. It is here too where we hope to inspire others to do the same, to test the waters, and tap into their creative mind and spirit.

We welcome your comments and hope you will not only continue to visit our site, but visit our Member Showroom and Gallery at 617 Main Street in the Market Arcade Building.

Say yes and turn your passion into your purpose :)

Holly and Jen